xResolver explained and 8 best xResolver alternatives

It’s a fact that Xbox is one of the most popular gaming consoles on the market today. It’s really easy to see why so many gamers are hooked to Xbox if you look at its cutting-edge graphics, powerful processing capabilities and Xbox Live. In addition to that, the platform has some of the best, Xbox-exclusive games that you can’t find anywhere else such as Halo or Gears of War.

A Gamertag is a player’s online profile in Xbox Live. It consist of an alias, avatar, or optional photo (called a gamerpic) and a bit of information to represent you as you play the game and share it with others in the Xbox community. A gamertag is created when the user signs in to the Xbox app for the first time.

In this article, we will find out what is xResolver, how it works and what does it has to to with Xbox/PlayStation. We’ll also compile a list of 8 xResolver alternatives for you to choose.

What exactly is xResolver?

XResolver is an online service that records Gamertags and IP addresses. In other words, you can find the IP address of an user given his or her Gamertags. xResolver works for Xbox, Playstation, and PC players. The information on the website may be legal, but it can cause gamers who play online a lot of headaches.

In addition to the IP addresses lookup database, xResolver offers a service where players can pay a fee to have their IP address removed from the log for ‘a lifetime’. This is not recommended.

Be prepared, as the website is a double-edged sword. It may help you identify if your fellow anonymous player is a hacker, but it also exposes your own information to prospective hackers and imminent DDoS attacks.

xResolver address is https://xresolver.com/

xResolver Notable Features

Identifying geographical location

The “Premium Geo IP” feature allows users to check their own and others’ geo location. This service is provided cooperatively by the Internet Service Provider itself.

Xbox and PlayStation resolver

The xResolver Xbox tool is packed with awesome features for both Xbox and PS users. This particular resolver helps users to change their gamertags into unique and secured IP addresses, preventing any breaches.

Obtain IP address of others via IP logger

IP logger lets you create a custom link and send it to another person to get their IP address. Plus, premium features give you more power to have fun.

Black listing personal IP address

If you wish to delete your data from the xResolver database, you can do so by going to the “Remove Data” section and blacklisting your username, IP address, and location, among other records.

xResolver alternatives

There are a few more online websites that also collect and link Gamertags with IP addresses. We don’t have a comprehensive comparison on all of these xResolver alternatives, but you can test them out yourself to decide which suits your scenario.



OctoSniff allows you to monitor the packets that travel through your network, filtering and highlight what’s coming from Xbox/PlayStation. In other words, OctoSniff works similar to Wireshark, but optimized for gaming.

OctoSniff works on Windows only and does not support Linux or Mac. OctoSniff is shareware, the lite version will cost you about $20 and the full version is priced at about $30.

OctoSniff supports some of the most popular game titles, including Minecraft, FIFA20, PUBG, etc. For the full list of supported titles, go to https://octosniff.net/games.

OctoSniff homepage : https://octosniff.net/



As its name said for itself, Xboxonebooter claims to have the ability to scan IP addresses from your Xbox and boot a few bad players who are taking up all the bandwidth.

The website also provides detailed tutorials on how to boot another player offline using their IP address. This can be a lot of fun between close friends, but not a good way to win a game, so be careful with the tool.

Xboxonebooter homepage : https://xboxonebooter.com/

Lanc Remastered PCPS

LANC remastered pcps

Lanc Remastered was an open source network monitoring and packet analysis software. It is designed to sniff IP addresses out of your network and point out which comes from your gaming consoles. LANC Remastered is the modern version of the original program, named LANC.

Lanc Remastered PCPS is the name of the 2020 update of LANC Remastered, bringing a huge amount of new features. Besides being an IP puller, Lanc Remastered PCPS is, at the same time, a PSN/Xbox Resolver to unveil information on pulled IP addresses and gamertags.

You can download Lanc Remastered PCPS, as well as all of its previous versions, namely Lanc Remastered, LANC v2 and LANC at https://lancremasteredpcps.com/


Consolesniffer is another tool that allows you to view Usernames and IP Addresses of people you play with (for home network monitoring)”. It claims to be “Way better than Wireshark and CAIN&ABEL” and works for all consoles.

Consolesniffer supports a wide range of popular games, including FIFA series, NBA series, Minecraft and Battlefield 4. Below is the comprehensive list of supported games and consoles and the data Consolesniffer can get for each game.

Consolesniffer supported games

ConsoleSniffer works on Windows only, and can be downloaded at https://www.consolesniffer.com/


XboxReplay is the fastest way to find all of your shared Xbox clips and screenshots. The service algorithms allow you to instantly share Xbox clips and screenshots with your fellow gamer. Shared materials can be found by searching for Gamertags. Once a clip/screenshot is found, additional information like IP address, and geolocation, amongst others, are available too.

XboxReplay homepage: https://www.xboxreplay.net/en-us


Cxkes maintains an XUID Retrieval tool that allows you to extract the XUID using the any given Gamertag or Xbox User ID. This is surprisingly useful for a variety of scenarios. The service does not store any XUIDs or Gamertags.

In order to use the tool, you just need to input the Gamertag into the only displayed text box, then click Get. As the server retrieve the information, it will return the XUID associated with the given Gamertag in a few seconds.

Visit Xbox XUID Grabber

IP Location Finder

If you already have an IP address of any player, you can use IP Location Finder to get detailed information about its IP addresses, hosts, or websites. The website shows you geolocation, timezone, latitude, longitude, ISP provider, and area where the given IP address resides.

There is also a website called “what is my IP address” where they provide you with additional information on an IP address such as the internet service provider, hostname, country, region or state, city, area code, and approximate location. They also show you how to hide your IP address, so that you can protect your privacy online and remain anonymous.


A known IP address may become the start of a DDoS or booting attack. However, it is important to first look after the level of security they offer carefully before use. Precautions can help you stay away from the darker side of these resolvers.

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