4 Spell Check Extensions for VSCode

VSCode is a powerful editor, not only for developers, but also for internet writers. It supports LaTeX, Markdown, reStructuredText and a bunch of other markup languages, which makes VSCode the perfect candidate for a blogger.

If thinking about typos and grammar keeps you up at night 😱, there are a few VSCode extensions that may help you spell check your post directly in VS Code before run it through grammar and style checkers. Let’s take a look at some of the best spell check extensions for VSCode.

Note: The list is in no particular order of ranking.

Code Spell Checker


Code Spell Checker by Street Side Software is a basic spell checker which was built to catch common spelling errors while keeping the number of false positives low. It automatically detects keywords in various programming languages and exclude them from spell checking. Code Spell Checker can even understand text in camel case and perform spell checking on them.

Code Spell Checker supports a bunch of languages, includes Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, French Réforme 90, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese – Brazilian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian.

Once installation is finished, the following file types and programming languages will be automatically spell-checking enabled : AsciiDoc, C, C++, C#, css, less, scss, Elixir, Go, Html, Java, JavaScript, JSON / JSONC, LaTex, Markdown, PHP, PowerShell, Pug / Jade, Python, reStructuredText, Rust, Scala, Text, TypeScript, YAML

Typos in your code or document will be underlined with wavy lines, so it’s very easy for the writer/coder to skim through them quickly.

LTeX – Grammar/Spell Checker with LaTeX, BibTeX support

LTeX - Grammar/Spell Checker for VS Code with LanguageTool and LaTeX Support

LTEX provides offline grammar checking of various markup languages in Visual Studio Code using LanguageTool (LT) – an AI-powered multilingual grammar, style, and spell checker. LTEX currently supports BibTEX, LATEX, Markdown, Org, reStructuredText, and R Sweave documents.

LTEX is a fork of the popular but abandoned LanguageTool for Visual Studio Code extension by Adam Voss.

The strong points of LTEX includes grammar and stylistic error detection, multiple markup language support, multi-language support, user-defined dictionaries. LTEX comes with an extensive documentation that you can consult if you need any detailed guidance on its features.

Spell Right – Multilingual, offline and lightweight spell checker for VSCode


Spell Right is an offline spell checker for VSCode made by Bartosz Antosik. It emphasizes on being able to work without an internet connection, yet stays lightweight.


The strength of Spell Right includes LaTeX and Markdown support, the ability to spell check on various programming languages, includes comments and text nodes of HTML/XML documents. Below is the detailed list of Spell Right features.

  • Supports Plain text, Markdown and LaTeX documents, comments/strings parts of most source code documents and text/comment nodes on XML/HTML class documents.
  • Supports every language that can be used with either of the below mentioned native spelling engines (e.g. all languages that are available in Microsoft Office, multiple languages in Windows Single Language editions, etc.)
  • Supports use of multiple workspace plaintext file dictionaries.
  • Spelling documents’ syntactic elements e.g. comments/strings in different languages (e.g. strings spelled in English and comments spelled in French).
  • Spelling of multiple languages in one document either by selecting more than one language for spelling or using In-Document commands to switch between languages.
  • Case sensitive, short words, abbreviations, contractions and parenthetical plurals support.
  • Works well with CamelCase, snake_case and digit2inside compound phrases respecting Unicode capital/small letters distinction (e.g.: SuperŚlimak is spelled as Super Ślimak) and capital letter adhesion (e.g.: HTMLTest is spelled as HTML Test).
  • Quick On/Off command toggle to enable/disable spell check on a particular document.
  • Light weight, offline, make use of OS built-in spell checking backends: Windows Spell Checking API (Windows 8/10), NSSpellChecker (macOS) and Hunspell (Linux, Windows 7).

Spelling Checker (RU,EN) – Yandex Speller powered Spell Checker for VSCode

Spelling Checker (RU,EN) is a small Spell Checker that supports only English and Russian and Ukrainian. What makes this extension different from other VSCode spell checker is that it doesn’t use the OS-native spellcheck engine but the yandex-speller service to check for spelling and grammatical errors.

The underlying engine uses Yandex.Speller API to power its operation, more details about it can be found at its documentation.

Once the installation is done, you can invoke the extension by pressing Alt+Shift+A or you may open up Command Palette and type ‘Spelling Checker’, then choose this extension. While not as feature-completed as other spell checker, its a good spell check extension for developers who want to test out the Yandex Speller API.


Spell Checker extensions are the essential tools to catch typos while we’re coding, writing content for a website, or even taking notes on our computer. Besides that, VSCode has many more interesting features that can supercharge your workflow, check them out!

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