“This Number Is No Longer in Service” – everything you need to know

Have you ever come across an error message saying, “this number is no longer in service text” while trying to call or text a certain phone number? If so, you’re not alone. This problem can be caused by a variety of issues, from incorrect phone numbers to out-of-date contacts. 

Fortunately, there are several ways to fix this error. In this blog post, we’ll explore three methods for fixing the “This number is no longer in service” text error. We’ll also provide tips for preventing the issue from happening again. Stay tuned!

What Does “This Number Is No Longer in Service” Text Mean?

“This number is no longer in service” text is an error when getting a text message or phone call that the number is unavailable, or the number has been disconnected. When you get this message on your iPhone (iOS) it will appear as “no longer in service” and on Android devices you get the error “Invalid Number” or “no service”. This can occur for multiple reasons, and we’re going to go over them.

#1. Poor Network Connection.

Inefficient network connection is one of the most common causes. Chances are, the recipient lost their network connection for some reason, for example, by traveling into an area with poor coverage or by having their phone turned off.

#2. Temporary Disconnected Phone

Another common reason for receiving that text message is that the phone number has been disconnected. This is a message sent by the carrier of the recipient you are trying to contact. 

The word “disconnected” can mean different things. The number has been deactivated by the carrier, which is usually because of nonpayment for a long period of time. It can also mean that the owner canceled the service or transferred their account from one carrier to another.

If you have not switched your contact information to their new number yet, then any messages you send will bounce back with an error message.

#3. Your Number Is Blocked by the Recipient

The person you’re contacting has intentioned or, by mistake, blocked your number. Thus, when you call them, the “This number is no longer in service” text. 

What to Do When Receiving “This Number Is No Longer in Service” Text?

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about this issue. Below are some simple tips on how to deal with an error message like this:

#1. Check if the number you are texting is valid.

Sometimes, when you type a number into your phone, the number might be wrong or there’s a typo somewhere. In this case, you will end up receiving an error message like “this number is no longer in service”. Thus, you might want to double-check the recipient’s number once again before calling or sending out text messages.

#2. Try to contact them in other ways.

If the person has disconnected their phone, then nothing you can do will make the text go through. You may have to contact them by another method of communication – by email or on social media, and ask for their new number. You could also ask mutual friends if they know where the person went or how he or she can be reached.

This shouldn’t happen too often, so don’t worry about it becoming a regular thing, but sometimes people are very forgetful and don’t remember to give out their new number!

#3. Call your provider to check for issues.

If you keep getting this message when calling almost all the people on your dial list, then there might be something wrong with your faulty SIM card. In this case, you might want to contact your network carrier to make sure your SIM card is working properly, or your number may be hidden. If not, ask them to reactivate or give you a new one.


It can be frustrating when getting the “This number is no longer in service” text, but it’s important that you need to be courteous and not reply with a nasty message. There is no perfect solution to this problem. However, above are some suggestions that can be used to handle this issue. 

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Whatever you do, don’t just give up! There may be a way to reach the person after all.

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