The stable version of Chrome 84 is officially released, bringing many updates for developers

Chrome 84 was officially released. This version has fewer feature updates directly for users, mainly some developer tools and Web API updates. The following is a quick overview of the content:

App icon shortcuts

Application icon shortcuts allow users to easily and quickly start common tasks in the application.

Both desktop and mobile versions of Chrome and Edge support this feature. These shortcuts can be invoked by right-clicking the application icon on Windows and macOS, or by long-pressing the application icon on Android.

Web animations API

Chrome 84 added many previously unsupported features to the Web Animations API.

  • animation.ready and animation.finished are implemented
  • Browsers can now clean up and delete old animations, saving memory and improving performance
  • You can now use composite mode to combine animations-with add and accumulate options

Content indexing API

Using the content indexing API, you can add URLs and metadata to content that can be used offline, and then use the metadata to present the content to the user so that the user can see the content without a network connection.

Wake lock API

Using this API, the website can enable wake lock to prevent screen dimming or lock screen.

Origin trials

There are also two experimental features, including:

Idle detection

When the user is idle, the Idle Detection API will notify you that they may be away from the computer. This is ideal for things like chat applications or social networking sites, letting users know if their contacts are available.

Web Assembly SIMD

It introduces operations that map to common SIMD instructions in hardware. SIMD operations are used to improve performance, especially in multimedia applications.


  • Restore SameSite cookie changes gradually
  • Websites that request permission abuse or abuse notifications will be automatically hidden notifications (details can be seen in previous reports )
  • QuicTransport's new experimental features

Update instructions:

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