Spam bots for Discord servers

Around 530 million messages are sent through Discord every day, and if you’ve ever joined a Discord server, you know a lot of them are spam or junk messages. Whatever you call them, they’re annoying. They usually clutter the important messages from the administrator, spreading out misinformation. At worst, they can be used to distribute malicious code and make you susceptible to identity theft.

As a Discord server administrator/moderator, learning about spambots and the methods to slow them down is vital. Once you have the knowledge, you can implement a few more layers of protection to your server, which should result in a massive decrease in junk messages.

This article will round up the top spam bots to test your anti-spam bot already operating on your Discord server.

Please do note that self operating bots are against Discord terms of service. We do not encourage illegal activities such as spamming, and we take no responsibility for what you do with these programs.

If you get banned while using one of these Discord spam bots, even on your own server, we won’t be responsible for anything.

Discord spam bots


Discord spam bots is a project created specifically for Discord server owner to test their anti-spam measures. It is developed with Python 3 under the hood, use a bunch of popular libraries like discum, bs4, selenium and requests to try to mimic human behaviour.

The bot can automatically create accounts and rotate through them one by one. It has the ability to spam text messages with insult as well as image messages. However, tag spam haven’t been supported just yet.

Discord spam bots can auto join servers and spam using DM (direct messages) as well. If the server implemented captcha as a human verification process, Discord spam bots can circumvent them using 2captcha solving service (though you need a paid account for that).

Discord spam bots features :

  • Automatically create accounts
  • Multiple account support
  • Text/image/insult spamming
  • Automatic server joining
  • Automatic user scanning
  • Support captcha solving service, currently only 2captcha
  • Support proxies
  • Scraping/joining/spamming speed can be speedup using flags on the config file
  • Multiple browser support : Chrome | Firefox | Edge (windows only)
  • On Windows, there’s a simple Discord spam bots GUI

Spambot – a Discord bot to level up XP points


Spambot is an automated bot built specifically for gaining XP points on Discord servers which uses mee6/Tatsumaki.

Again, using a selfbot like this is against Discord terms of service. Your account can be muted, banned or even terminated if you use spambot.

Spambot installation is done via npm, you should have discord.js >=11.6.3 preinstalled before running it. To install the newest version of discord.js that the bot will work on, run the following in command prompt:

npm install [email protected]
Code language: Bash (bash)

The bot must be configured before running. Standard settings include the bot token and prefix for its messages. More details about its flags and switches can be found in Spambot Github Repository.

Raid-Toolbox – a huge toolset for Discord spamming tests


Raid-ToolBox (RTB) is a big toolkit of Spamming/Raiding/Token management tools for Discord. It runs on many platform, included Windows, Linux, Mac, Android (via Termux) and even iOS with the help of iSH. However, support for MacOS Sierra have been dropped at the time of this writing.

Before installing Raid-ToolBox on a PC, you need Python 3.6 or higher and pip on your system first. Mobile users need to have at least Termux or iSH for the toolkit to work.

Raid-ToolBox is equipped with pretty much anything related to Discord spamming you can think of. From message spam to mass avatar change, from account checker to bombing friends, RTB has them all. The full list of feature can be seen right from the screenshot above, read as follows.

  • Custom Themes/Skins
  • Joiner and Leaver
  • Token Checker
  • Message Spammer
  • Ascii Spammer
  • Mass Mentioner
  • Voice Chat Spammer
  • DM Spammer
  • Group DM Spammer
  • Image Spammer
  • Embed Spammer
  • Role Mass Mentioner
  • Server Smasher
  • Plugin Support

More about the toolkit usage and configuration can be found in Raid-Toolbox Github Repository Page.

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