Reddit Analyzers : the SnoopSnoo alternatives

SnoopSnoo was a web-based tool that offers analytics on a Reddit user or a subreddit based on Reddit’s public data. You can extract all kinds of information about the users, such as target audience, including marital status, place of residence, etc.

Basically the site does two things :

  • Aggregate your reddit submissions and comments, and graphically display resulting data.
  • Parse text in your comments and submissions, and extract relevant and potentially interesting information.

Since its death back in 2009, people have been searching for a replacement. This article will round up a few alternatives to SnoopSnoo so you can add Reddit analysis back in your workflow.


RedditMetis - best SnoopSnoo alternatives

RedditMetis is by far the most feature-completed Reddit analysis tool at the time of this writing. The site was made as an alternative to the now-defunc SnoopSnoo. The core technologies of the site is similar to what SnoopSnoo was built from : NLTK, TextBlob, D3.js, ApexCharts.js, Bootstrap.

Using RedditMetis, you can retrieve an user’s joint date, gold status, link/comment/total karma. The site also calculates a text readability score called Gunning fog index based on the user’s posted contents. The lower the index, the easier it is to read.

From scanning the user’s posts, RedditMetis also offer details on an user’s family members, interests and wholesome level.

Comment statistics will display how often the user comments, their best and worst comments based on upvotes/downvotes data.

The top subreddits by number of comments or comment karma can be used as raw data to analyze the user’s interests or what the user is good at.

Similarly, submissions are also analyzed to show you how much karma they’ve received in total, the best/worst submission by votes and where they were posted.

Other interesting data included word cloud, word frequency statistics, activity analysis by hour, by day and the heatmaps.

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Reddit User Analyser


Reddit User Analyser is another SnoopSnoo alternative. The site features a simple interface, similar to Google. You only need to input the username, press Enter and boom, all their contents are analyzed.

Please note that Reddit API limits the data at 1000 recent comments and submissions, so you may not get an accurate overview of active users.

Besides best comment and worst comment based on upvotes/downvotes, Reddit User Analyser offers a few other useful insights. The texts grabbed are calculated with the Flesch Formula and machine learning, results in a measure of the kindness and readability of the user contents.

You’ll also get a glimpse of the subreddits that attracts the user as well as a list of the most frequently used words.

Activities data are displayed as Comment activity over time, Comment karma over time, Submission activity over time, Submission karma over time and Controversiality over time.

Homepage :

  1. Does RedditMetis log your data permanently?

    No, your data is logged for a few hours in the cache

  2. Why does it says u0022user not foundu0022?u0026lt;

    First thing to check would be the spelling of the username. Make sure you did not prepend the u/- prefix on usernames. If it still doesn't work, you may have been shadowbanned from Reddit.

  3. Why is it called redditmetis?

    Metis, in ancient Greek religion, was a mythical Titaness which, by the 5th century BC, was regarded as the mother of wisdom and deep thought. You can probably see how this matches RedditMetis' data scraping capability. Coincidentally, Metis is the name of an asteroid first observed in 1848.

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