ReactOS hires full-time developers to improve storage-related modules

The ReactOS project team announced that they have hired Victor Perevertkin for full-time development work on ReactOS storage for the next 3 months. ReactOS is known as "open source Windows", but its technical level in storage has long been in a less than ideal state relative to other modules. This is also the main reason why they hire full-time developers to make improvements in storage and related fields.

Since 2018, Victor has been a major contributor to various ReactOS components. The Btrfs boot sector code he wrote for ReactOS when he first debuted at GSoC went deep into the kernel, and later he was responsible for managing the integration of the new USB stack. Recently, when preparing for a major upgrade of ReactOS to the new compiler toolchain, almost Reached all parts of ReactOS.

During the contract period, Victor will mainly be engaged in storage-related development work, which is a long-neglected piece of ReactOS. He plans to eventually convert scsiport into a driver that supports Plug & Play (Plug & Play) , and fix the kernel plug and play bug in the process, thereby improving USB storage support and compatibility with Windows storage drivers.

If time permits, extending the goal includes continuing his previous work, integrating Google's kernel memory error detection tool Address Sanitizers into ReactOS, and fixing problems with booting through APIC-enabled HAL.

The recruitment activity of the ReactOS project team is also an important milestone for the project, because the continuous donation can finally allow them to hire a full-time developer at a price close to the market price.

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