The best open-source Unity games

Unity is the infamous world-class game engine that powers nearly half of the world’s games. It is increasingly favourited by mobile games developers, who are paving the way for a $68.5 billion USD market.

As mobile games market rises, video game design is on demand, too. If you are someone who is fiddling with Unity, you may find something useful from open-source projects built with it.

This article is a list of the most well-designed open source Unity games, which is excellent for learning purpose.

Chop Chop – an action-adventure game based on Unity

Chop Chop, part of Unity Open Projects

Chop Chop is a part of Unity Open Project, an initiative led by Unity itself to create a open-source game demo. While still in the early development, it is exactly the thing you’re looking for if you want to know what a professional game project look like.

The project has its own Github repository, along with the card-based roadmap, a bi-weekly Youtube livestream session and a channel on Official Unity Discord for quick discussion.

More info :

San Andreas Unity – open source GTA engine reimplementation in Unity

San Andreas Unity - open source GTA engine reimplementation in Unity

San Andreas Unity is an open source reimplementation of GTA San Andreas game engine in Unity. Although not as complete as the original, the gameplay features, multiplayer and modding capabilities are pretty mature and playable.

The game is tested and released for Windows, Linux and Android. It even supports multiplayer, you can either run it as a host and client or both at the same time, even on an Android device.

Github repo :

Darkest Dungeon Unity port

Darkest Dungeon Unity port

The project is a full reimplementation of Darkest Dungeon game in Unity engine, plus multiplayer support. The game is now almost completely identical to the original game, minus the audios and graphics.

This is a great example for you to learn about implementing multiplayer, project structure, etc.

Github repo :

Card Game Simulator

Card Game Simulator is an Unity-built game which allows users to create and share their own custom card games!

You can also define your own custom games by following the Custom Games Documentation on the CGS website!

When you play a game in CGS, CGS defaults to hosting game sessions in your Local Area Network (LAN), meaning that anyone on the same wifi as you should be able to join your game. If you want to play over the internet, you need to forward port 7777.

The game runs on Android via Google Play, iOS via the App Store, OSX via the Mac App Store, Windows via the Microsoft Store, Web via Unity WebGL.

Source code on Github :

Everyday Cute Bubble (天天萌泡泡) – a Chinese take on building a Candy Crush clone

Everyday Cute Bubble - Candy Crush open source clone built with Unity

“Everyday Cute Bubbles” (天天萌泡泡) is a simple and fun elimination game. In the game, you have to match three or more connected bubbles of the same color to blow them up. Simple, just like Candy Crush.

The game is developed in Unity 5.2.3, using 2dtoolkit, poolManger, AudioToolkit, DOTween and Unity built-in physics engine. The graphics elements of the game is collected from the internet and modified using Photoshop.

You can try it online at or download the Android version from Google Play Store.

Please do note that while the game interface on Google Play Store is written in English, the source code on its Github page is all Chinese. But we think this is not a problem since you can examine the actual code.

More info :

NewBark – Retro-style 2D RPG game engine for Unity, inspired by Pokémon

NewBark Pokemon inspired game built with Unity

NewBark is a proof-of-concept Pokémon-style Retro RPG engine created with Unity.

It combines 8-bit style graphics and retro gameplay into one package. The graphics and data contains materials extracted from the Pokémon series of video games

The game is in active development. If you are learning how to create similar retro games in Unity, you will definitely find something useful in this project.

Find more details in NewBark official Github repository

Nodulus – an Unity-powered puzzle game

Nodulus Preview

Nodulus is a puzzle game with a clever twist. Based on the mathematical theory behind plank puzzles, the game consists of a grid of cubes and rods which can be rotated with a swipe. To win a level, you have to turn the activated cubes until the end cube.

Nodulus is built with Unity3D and C#. The game was released for Android and iOS, which makes it the perfect choice for developers who are learning about mobile game development using Unity. An online version of Nodulus is also available for a quick play.

More info :

UnityMMO – simple 3D MMO open source game

UnityMMO - simple 3D MMO open source game built with Unity

China is where new games pop up in every blink of an eye. UnityMMO is a 3D MMO game built from scratch using Unity3D. The front-end gameplay system uses C#, the interface is developed with lua and the back-end uses skynet.

Although the project language is Chinese, this is a great project if you’re learning to build a MMO (multiplayer online game) game and see how the server and clients interacting with each other.

Github repo :

Server side repo :

Graphics and elements repo :

Latios Space Shooter Sample


Latios Space Shooter Sample is a proof of concept game which serve as a demo of Latios Framework for Unity DOTS. The game is pretty simple, the player travels through the space and shoot enemies.

The project supports gamepad controller or mouse and keyboard, sound effects, GPU utilization. It runs on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Github repo :

Framework :

Fragsurf – Standalone Half Life style surf game

Fragsurf Logo

If you have played Half Life or Counter Strike, you will certainly know what bhop and surf is.

Fragsurf is a multiplayer re-imagination of the famous bunnyhop and surf mechanics on a modern game engine, with multiple game modes and level editing tools for community-made content.

The graphics and physics of the game looks great, and there’s a lot for you to learn from.

Website :

Steam :

Github repository :


QPong Unity port

QPong is a quantum re-imagination of the classic video game Pong. It uses Qiskit, IBM’s open source framework for making software for quantum computers. QPong let you explore unfamiliar yet fundamental concepts of quantum computing, such as superposition and measurement in a familiar and fun setting.

In the dawn of the Quantum Era, a primitive 3-qubit Quantum Computer is trying to challenge the Classical Computer, the long-time ruler of the Computer Empire. Your mission is to use your Human Intelligence to help the Quantum Computer defeat the Classical Computer and demonstrate “quantum supremacy” for the first time in human history. The battle field of the Quantum-Classic war is none other than the classic Pong game.

Github repo :

Neon Skylines

Neon Skylines

Neon Skylines is a retro 3D game made for the Github GameOff 2017 context. The game was made under 20 days and full source code was released on Github.

Github repo :

Flappy Bird style open source game built with Unity

Flappy Bird style game built with Unit

This is essentially a Flappy Bird clone built with Unity game engine by Dimitrios Ilias Gkanatsios. The game comes with a detailed tutorial about each and every step he did to create it. Tested and developed on Unity 5.6.

Github repo :

Angry Birds style game

Angry Birds style game

This is another great game tutorial by Dimitrios Ilias Gkanatsios. The game is essentially an effort to replicate Rovio’s famous Angry Birds game using Unity game engine.

Source code as well as a detailed tutorial is provided for educational purposes.

Github repo :

Match-3 – another Candy Crush clone

Match three game

Another demonstration of how you can build a simple yet addictive game using Unity and freely available elements found online by Dimitrios Ilias Gkanatsios. Tutorial and source code commenting can be found in the blog post:

Github repo :

InfiniteRunner3D – Temple Run minimal clone

Infinite Runner 3D

InfiniteRunner3D is a primitive clone of Temple Run clone built using Unity. Although you and I should agree that the game needs more visual work to look better, it serves perfectly as a template to learn from.

Github repo :

Tutorial :



FlipOn is originally a puzzle game, similar to the likes of Bejeweled and Candy Crush Saga. The game sets out in a strange planet, where the player have to match combos, solve puzzles and defeat all bad guys to level up.

The full version runs on Android, iOS and also available on Windows/MacOS/Linux through Steam. The core part of the game was built using Unity and has been open-sourced on Github. It isn’t as addictive as the original one, but seems playable and has many things to learn from.

Github repo :

Website :


TowerDefense Unity open source game

TowerDefense is a game demo based on the Chinese open source framework for Unity GameFramework. The graphics and assets have been taken from the officially released project at Unity Assets Store. If you can read Chinese and are interested in learning GameFramework (which is a popular framework in Chinese game developer community), you should definitely check this out.

Github Repo :

Red Runner

Red Runner open source Unity game

Red Runner is a remake of the legendary Mario series in Unity and C#. All of the assets in the game is open-sourced, the graphics is taken from Free Platform Game Assets, the save system is Save Game Pro – Save Everything and the game engine is obviously Unity.

Github Repo :

Game trailer :


ShootAR open source unity3d game

ShootAR is a augmented reality first-person shooter (FPS) game for Android built with Unity game engine. The game is part of a graduation project for Computer & Informatics Engineering Department of Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece.

The gameplay is simple, enemies appear in the area around the player and the player uses the phone’s camera and gyroscope to aim and shoot them, similar to Beach head 2002.

Github repo :

Download from Google Play :


dive kick 3d open source Unity game

Dive Kick 3D is a mobile game developed in Unity3D which resemblances the gameplay of Street Fighter. In the game, two 3D player fights each other using punches, kicks and special attacks.

Dive Kick 3D uses NGUI as an UI Framework, graphics and 3D models are created independently by the developer.

Github source code:

Tetris clones built with Unity

Tetris clone using Unity

Tetris – the classic brick-making game associated with the childhood of many generations can now be built in under 24 hours thanks to open source game engines such as Unity3D. A few even attempted to open source what they’ve built. Here is a list of resources if you’re interested in building one.

Tetris Game by Kon H :

UnityTetris by Mukarillo :

Tetris by ryukinix :

Tetris by Shockwave2048 :

Tetris for Android by MaciejKitowski:

Tetris Clone for Windows and Android by VladiKAN :

Tetris Unity tutorial by Valen :

Hezarfen: Galata – Unity-built Mario-style game

Hezarfen: Galata open source Unity game

Hezarfen:Galata is a 2D Platformer Game which is developed with Unity game engine. The game is somewhat inspired from Mario and Flappy Bird. The player have is constantly flying and have to collect as many coins and items as possible while avoid running into birds and other objects.

The game has been re-written a few times. The first version is developed with Unity 3.x back in 2012, then upgraded to Unity 4.x, then Unity 2017. Reading its code, you will see what a well-maintained Unity project look and feel like and hopefully learn something from it.

Android version : Hezarfen: Galata – Apps on Google Play

iOS version : Hezarfen: Galata – Apps on Apple App Store

Source code in Github :


Artifact 2D open source Unity game

Artifact is a simple 2D game focused in resource and time management, built with Unity 2019.

Demo :

Source code on Github :


Shadow Cube open source Unity game

ShadowCube is a computer game based on the cult horror movie “Cube”.

The protagonist wakes up inside a giant cubic room, entirely consisting of cubic modules that are constantly in motion. Overcoming obstacles and traps, apparently, he will not only have to get out to freedom, but also remember his life before being placed in the Cube.

The graphics of the game is pretty eye-catching, as well as sound effects. The developers also uploaded a playlist demonstrating his process of creating ShadowCube.

Github source code :

Development videos:

Infinity Square/Space

Infinity Square/Space open source Unity game

Github source code :

FyWorld : Base-Building / Simulation Game Tutorial made with Unity

FyWorld : Base-Building / Simulation Game Tutorial made with Unity

FyWorld is a top down simulation game in a fantasy medieval world.
The game is also a base-building / simulation open source game made with Unity and the development process is recorded and uploaded to Youtube.
Fy World was created by Florian “Fy-” Gasquez.

Github source code :

Support the developer :


Pacman clone in Unity and C#

There’s nothing much to say about this project. The game is a clone of Pacman, written in C# and use Unity as its engine.

Github source code :


BuildingBridges - open source Unity game

Building Bridges is a game project participated in Falmouth Global Game Jam 2020, using Unity as its game engine.

In the game, Roy, a recently single New Yorker, finds himself emotionally adrift following his dumping at the hands of his ex-girlfriend, Lisa. He has no time to dwell, however, as a tsunami threatens the civility of central New York City. Fleeing to the rooftops, Roy takes it upon himself to ensure Lisa’s safety amid the natural disaster. The only thing standing in his way? New York City itself. You must help Roy navigate the rooftops of New York, and get to Lisa’s apartment before the rising waters engulf the city entirely. Will Roy find closure? Or will he be washed away, taking his words for Lisa to a watery grave.

Simply put, you have to quickly build bridges to get to the destination before the water level drowns everything.

Github source code :


Idiomatic game in Unity

Idiomatic is an educational game developed to teaching English to native Portuguese speakers. The game is designed to run on Windows, Linux and MacOSX and use Unity as its game engine. You can also play it online at via this link :

Github repo : – an clone in Unity

icon.png is a clone of developed in Unity 3D and C#. The game runs on the web, mobile and can also be built to run on PC.

Similar to other .io games such as or, the player control a tank and has to shoot and destroy blocks and other players to earn XP, level up tank and unlock new classes, weapons and abilities!

Github repo :


ZigTapZag open source Unity game

ZigTapZag is a simple tap game developed using Unity. In the game, the player controls a dot which moves forward, each tap or click changes the direction of the dot. If the dot hits the boundary of the zig-zag path, you lose. You can play it online at

Github source code :

Party Balance – Wii game built with Unity


Party Balance is a small Unity game using the Wii balance board (with Wii Balance Walker) in combination with the microphone. The game is a party game with one person playing through tilt and all the others controlling a bar through their cheer level.

Github source code :

Playing with Nibs

Playing with Nibs open source Unity simulation

Playing with Nibs is a simulator that allow to study the behaviour of electromagnetic machines for medical purposes.

In this case, Unity helps reduce the complexity and knowledge barrier to use a scientific simulator to the lowest level.

The simulator is actually a gamified solution that can help students to become familiar with the machines.

Github repo :


Plumbing open source Unity game

Plumbing is a game built with Unity to participate in’s My First Game Jam Summer 2020, in which you need to keep the water moving and avoid obstacles.

The game is developed to run on Windows and Mac, which you can download from

Github open source code base:

Frogger Unity Clone

This game is a remake of the infamous Frogger in Unity and C#. It has three levels and three lives, scoring and timing system, drowning water platforms. You can find more details and view the source code at :

projectZero – a game of programming languages


Project Zero is a Polish game made in Unity 3D in the “top-down view” perspective, which in Polish we could translate as “bird’s eye view”.

In addition to being entertained, the purpose of the game is to learn programming languages.

The game not only targets people who is starting their adventure with programming, but also those who would like to remember or re-learn something.

The languages that the game covers are: Java, JavaScript, C #, HTML and PHP. The player creates a character and assigns points to attributes from the basic pool. Attributes are programming languages.

Github source code available at


Spherestroyer open source Unity minigame

Spherestroyer is an open-sourced minigame that you can play on In the game, the player has to destroy all the incoming spheres by matching the color of your pointy tower. The speed increases as you progress in the game. Play this simple yet challenging game and see how many spheres you can destroy. Get that possible highest score and have your name in the leaderboard.

With the permission from, all source code have been published (minus the sound) on Github, which can be found at



TipTop is a simple 2D game created with Unity Engine for mobile devices such as Android and IOS. Source of the project is available on Github, just open the src folder as a project in Unity and start modifying.

Github source code :

Space Collider, Defend the Earth, Robo-Terminator, Alien Battles, The Victory

This is a series of game developed mainly for PC using Unity by Roopkotha Studio, a one-man operation from Dhaka, Bangladesh. The games run on multiple platform, including Linux, Windows and Android. All of Roopkotha games are free and open-source, you can find more details about them at one of these links :

Github :

Official site : page :

Arena Game

Arena Game open source FPS made with Unity

Arena Game is a Unity game made with Forge networking meant as an example project for Forge. Forge Networking is a free and open source multiplayer game (multi-user) networking system that has a very good integration with the Unity game engine.

Although rough around the edges, the game is actually a fully working FPS shooter, combined with a simple map and weapon system. The player health, spawn system and HUD is also neatly implemented. If you’re interested in creating the next Counter Strike, this project will definitely worth a look.

Github source code :

Gameplay demo :

Helltaker for switch

Helltaker open source game made for Nintendo switch

Helltaker is a short game about sharply dressed demon girls. The game is originally designed and developed by [Łukasz Piskorz (vanripperart) and only released for PC through Steam. This project is a port of it for Nintendo Switch developed in Unity.

Github repo :

Other interesting open-source Unity projects

We’ve covered most of the mature open source Unity games we found, but there are a few more which is not quite match our standard but interesting in one way or another. So we think we would include them anyway.

Multiplayer-FPS :

DeckSwipe :

Minesweeper :

Catcheep :

Micropolis :

BananaBeats :

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