Notepad++ Wrap Around

Notepad++ is the editor of choice for many Windows power users. Thanks to a mature C++-based core, Notepad++ is able to offer all kinds of advanced features like syntax highlighting, tabbed browsing and more while still maintain stellar performance. Daily tasks like removing empty lines from a text file in Notepad++ is easy, requiring only a few clicks to get the job done.

You may use Notepad++ on a daily basis and have interacted with its Search and Replace function times but you may not know what the “Wrap around” checkbox really do.

Wrap Around option in Notepad++

This article is a quick explanation of what “wrap around” really means and does any other text editor has the same features.

What does “wrap around” do?

Imagine you’re in the middle of the file (the cursor was partway through the file) like what’s shown below.

line number 1 line number 2| <== Your cursor is here line number 3

Now if you decide to do a search for “number” with Wrap around unchecked, Notepad++ would just find the third “number” (in line 3).

On the other hand, if you enable Wrap around, Notepad++ would go back to the beginning and match all occurrences of “number” in the file contents.

Other text editors that has “Wrap around” option

So far, the only other text editor that shares the same “Wrap around” option that I know is the new Microsoft Notepad that comes with Windows 10 Redstone update. If you know more about this, let me know in the comments below.

Wrap around in Microsoft Notepad

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