Notepad++ Extended Search

Do you want to know more about Notepad++ Extended Search?

Search and replace is familiar with almost anybody who have touched a computer. It’s easy and obvious to replace a string with another. But you can do much more complex operations than that, thanks to advanced find-and-replace feature added to modern text editors like Notepad++.

This article will show you how to use Notepad++ Extended Search and a few common examples. For example, you can replace strings that contains special characters such as NULL (empty) or Carriage Return.

What can I do with Extended Search in Notepad++?

According to official Notepad++ User Manual, Extended Mode allows you to use escape string (backlash) followed by a character to find and replace special characters.

In other words, whenever you enable Extended Mode, Notepad++ will look for escape codes in the table below and translate it to the special, non-literal value in “Translated Character” column.

Escape codeTranslated Character
nLine Feed character LF
rCarriage Return character CR
tTAB character

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