Netcraft July Global Web Server Survey Report Released

The global web server survey report "Web Server Survey" published monthly on Netcraft's official website is the main reference for people to understand the number of global websites and server market share. The report for July 2020 has been released.

In the July report, China received a total of 1,234,228,567 sites, 260,658,118 domains, and 10,221,919 Web-oriented computer data. Compared with the previous month, 9.47 million sites and 180,000 computers were added, but 1.75 million domains were reduced.

Most major servers have increased in the total number of sites in July, with Apache adding 9.8 million sites, Microsoft and nginx adding 5.4 million and 2.5 million sites respectively. LiteSpeed continues to maintain strong growth, adding 1.95 million new sites this month. The LiteSpeed market currently occupies 2.17%, but compared with 1.62% at the beginning of the year, the growth has been considered very fast.

Nginx has the most significant growth in domain names, with a total increase of 200,000, Microsoft lost 1.1 million domains, and Apache lost 998,000, which also strengthened nginx's leading position in this indicator. Now it has about 30 million. Domain, occupying 29.8% (+0.27 pp) market share.

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