Mozilla renews Firefox and Google search deal

According to several foreign media reports, the search transaction between Mozilla and Google has been extended for another three years at the expiry date, which will ensure that Google will remain the default search engine supplier for the Firefox browser until 2023.

Mozilla's most important product is Firefox, and Firefox's most financially supportive business comes from search engine advertising, and search transactions have become most of the source of Firefox's revenue. The valuation of this search transaction with Google is between 400 and 450 million US dollars per year.

The last time the two parties conducted a transaction was in 2017, and the transaction period was three years, which is about to expire. Mozilla recently laid off a quarter of its staff due to poor financial conditions, and people turned to worry about this source of income.

In the end, Forbes , ZDNet and other media received a written statement from a Mozilla spokesperson, confirming the renewal of the transaction:

The search partnership between Mozilla and Google is constantly evolving. In many parts of the world, Google is the default search provider in the Firefox browser. We have recently continued this partnership and it has not changed.

It is not clear whether the specific content of the agreement is the same as before. What is certain is that the pressure on Mozilla and Firefox will be relieved when the search transaction is concluded. It is expected that Mozilla will officially announce the continuation of the transaction in November this year, along with the 2019 financial report.

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