MKVToolNix v49.0.0 released, MKV video editing tool

MKVToolNix 49.0.0 is released. MKVToolNix is a powerful tool for making and processing mkv (Matroska) format. It supports encapsulating a variety of video, audio, subtitles and other formats into mkv format.

Updates in this version include:

New features

  • mkvmerge: Added the new track title elements BlockAddIDName , BlockAddIDType , BlockAddIDValue and BlockAddIDName copied from Matroska
    BlockAddIDExtraData support
  • mkvinfo: Added the new track title elements BlockAdditionMapping , BlockAddIDName , BlockAddIDType , BlockAddIDValue
    And BlockAddIDExtraData support
  • MKVToolNix GUI: Multiplexer: Now you can edit the list of recent directories in Preferences→"Multiplexer"→"Target File Name"
  • MKVToolNix GUI: Preferences: Values in various "predefined values" lists can now be reordered freely by drag and drop

Update instructions:

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