Julia 1.5.0 released, a high-performance dynamic high-level programming language

Julia 1.5.0 is now released. Julia is a high-performance dynamic high-level programming language. It has a rich function library, provides digital precision, exquisite amplifier and distributed parallel operation mode. Most libraries such as the core function library are written by Julia, but mature C and FORTRAN libraries are also used to deal with linear algebra, random number generation, and string processing.

As a minor release, v1.5.0 contains no major changes, only some new features, performance improvements, and a few changes. Some key updates are as follows:

  • Structural layout and allocation optimization
  • Stabilization and improvement of multi-threaded API
  • Provide optimization level hints in each module
  • Other delay improvements
  • Implicit keyword parameter value
  • The return of "soft scope" in the REPL
  • New @ccall macro
  • Faster random number
  • Automated rr-based error reporting
  • Pkg protocol becomes the default protocol

For more details, please check the official blog: https://julialang.org/blog/2020/08/julia-1.5-highlights/

Download link: https://julialang.org/downloads/

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