Mozilla Firefox AppImage (update automatically)

AppImage is an easy way to package portable software on Linux.

It allows developers to include all necessary libraries into a single file that runs anywhere regardless of operating system flavor. In other words, each AppImage has no dependencies other than what is included in the targeted base operating systems. AppImages can also be downloaded and run immediately without installation or superuser permissions.

Cross-platform application projects like Scribus, Krita, and Subsurface are quickly adopting AppImages as an easy way to bring bleeding-edge releases to users on all major Linux desktop distributions.

If you like the way AppImage works, you might want to look for a marketplace for AppImage apps. Sadly, there is no such thing just yet. In this article, we want to show you how to download unofficial (but safe) Mozilla Firefox builds in AppImage format.

Official vs Un-Official Firefox AppImage builds

Currently, there are no official Firefox AppImage builds directly from Mozilla. There is a proposal to include it as a distribution format, but the proposal haven’t make it to official.

However, some efforts have been made by Linux community though. An user named probono has made a bunch of applications available in AppImage format, including Firefox, but update seems to be stalled recently.

Github user srevinsaju leveraged Github Actions and provides a repository where Firefox will be automatically build and package into AppImage format. Although un-official, this Github repository seems to be the best option available at the moment. There are Nightly, Beta, Stable and ESR releases, you can access each "branch" using tags. Head over to srevinsaju’s Github repository for more information.

How to run Mozilla Firefox builds in AppImage format

Time needed: 15 minutes.

  1. Download Firefox AppImage

    Head over to srevinsaju Firefox-Appimage release page and download the appropriate AppImage file. We recommend that you download Firefox Stable AppImage build to ensure optimal compatibility.

  2. Place Firefox AppImage accordingly

    Move the file to a directory you won’t clean up regularly. We recommend creating a new directory specifically for storing AppImage files, as they will be the executable files of your programs.

  3. Make Firefox AppImage executable

    Make the file executable. You can do that by opening the Terminal and run chmod ugo+x /path/file.appimage.
    Alternatively, you can use Graphical Interface to make the Firefox AppImage file executable. Just traverse to the location of the AppImage file and right-click the file, select Properties , and then on the Permissions tab , check the box next to Allow executing file as program.

  4. Run Firefox AppImage

    Run Firefox AppImage file as if it were installed by double-clicking on it. Running /path/to/file.appimage also yield the same result.

That’s it for now.

We hope this article helped you learn how to add rotating testimonials in WordPress. You may also want to check out our guide on how to use AppImage in Linux for more details.

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