Elementary OS 6 Early Access Edition is now available

Elementary OS 6 Early Access Builds is now available, and interested users can experience some of the contents of this major update before the final stable version is released. The development team announced the version in the blog and released a new website hosting the Early Access version.

Cassidy James Blaede, the co-founder and CXO of elementary OS, said, “In the past week, we quietly launched builds.elementary.io . This new website hosts the Early Access Builds of elementary OS to ensure that OEMs , Developers, testers, supporters and excited fans can get the latest pre-release version. Now, elementary OS 6 is already in the installable and bootable state, and we have started adding AppCenter for Everyone supporters for more than $25 To the allowed list, and any GitHub sponsor of $10/month and above can automatically access."

At the same time, Cassidy also introduced some new features that are being promoted in the elementary OS 6 version, as follows:

  • Appearance update: In addition to providing dark mode for system components (such as dock, system dialog boxes, etc.), user-defined accent colors have also been added to the application; and the layout and system style sheets have been improved, and in a series of applications Contrast etc. have been improved in the program.
  • Relying on the Evolution data server backend, communication and organization applications have been extensively updated. These updates enable emails, calendar events, tasks, etc. in related applications to be synchronized with more account providers.
    • The major rewrite of Mail mainly relies on the Evolution data server instead of the custom Geary mail engine. The appearance will be basically the same, but it has not yet reached functional equality.
    • The New Tasks application can handle local tasks and all task lists synchronized with the Evolution data server.
  • New installer and initial setup experience.
  • More multi-touch support. Using the Libhandy library, elementary OS brings more gestures, making its applications highly accessible using touch screens, trackpads, and mouse wheels.

More details can be viewed: https://blog.elementary.io/updates-for-july-2020/

Early access address: https://builds.elementary.io

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