DragonFlyBSD introduces AMD temperature driver from FreeBSD

Except for some specific problems with motherboards, DragonFlyBSD usually runs normally on AMD Zen systems. Now, it has introduced some new drivers from FreeBSD, and the overall operation has been better improved.

Among the drivers introduced by FreeBSD, the amdtemp driver is particularly worthy of attention. This driver supports monitoring the temperature of AMD 0Fh, 10h, 11h, 12h, 14h, 15h, 16h, and 17h series processors. The support for AMD Family 17h covers Zen 1 and Zen 2, including Threadripper and EPYC.

In addition there is amdsmn driver . This driver is used to support AMD System Management Network (SMN) on AMD Zen systems.

After the DragonFlyBSD team introduced these drivers, they made minor improvements to their code. Currently, these drivers are located in the DragonFlyBSD code tree.

Like many BSD / Linux communities, DragonFlyBSD project leader Matthew Dillon is deeply impressed with AMD Zen 2 products. Perhaps this is why the DragonFlyBSD project continues to optimize the running experience on AMD.

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