How to download an album from Imgur

Back in the days of Tinypic, Photobucket or ImageShack, the basic task of uploading and hosting an image a tedious and slow experience. Imgur has de-cluttered the way people share images online.

Over the years, it evolves into forging a surprisingly large community, operating similar to the way social networks worked. Imgur then introduces album, post, gallery, comment, upvote/downvote and a bunch of other features.

This article will show you several ways to download the whole album on Imgur. The same method can be applied to posts with multiple images or am Imgur gallery.

Download an album in Imgur

An album is created when an user uploads more than one image to Imgur. The difference between an album and a gallery or a post is that the album URL contains /a/. It looks something like this :


To download all the images from an Imgur album, you have to left-click the "three dots button" then choose Download. The images will be automatically zipped and downloaded by your browser in a few seconds.


You can also trigger the album download process by adding /zip after the album URL. All images in the album should be zipped and downloaded after the page load.

Imgur album zip URL

Download a gallery in Imgur

An Imgur gallery and album is pretty much the same thing except a gallery allows more social features like upvote/downvote, favourite and comments.

In order to download a gallery in Imgur, you can simply click the "three dots" button and select Download.


You cannot add /zip into the URL to perform an automatic zip-and-download with an Imgur gallery like what you would with an album.

Alternatively, you can use Imgur Album Downloader by dschep to achieve the same result, though the tool requires more steps.

Selectively download images from album/gallery in Imgur

All the methods above will download all the images inside the Imgur album/gallery.

If you don’t need all the images in the album, you can use Imgur Album Downloader by dschep to download just a few of them.

First, you need to visit the tool at

After that, you have to grab the album/gallery ID you want to download images from. Album ID is the string after /gallery/ or /a/ in Imgur album URL.


Once you’ve got the album ID, you need to input it into the Album ID text box and click Load.


In the next few seconds, the images in the album will be loaded in the web page where you can select the ones you want to download. Selected images will be marked with an overlay tick.

You can also select all images by clicking Select All


If you want to keep the album images order, please tick Preserve Album File Order checkbox.

Finally, clicking Download will trigger the zipping process. In a few seconds, you will see a Done dialog with a Download button, they indicates that the process is now completed. All you have to do now is click the button to grab all the images you need.

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