How to get a Discord AKA tag

Discord is a cloud-hosted equivalent of TeamSpeak/Ventrilo. The gaming-focused voice chat platform have exploded in the recent years. Discord now is home to 140 million users spread across 6.7 million servers. If you identify yourself as an avid gamer, 100% chance you’re also a Discord user.

Sometimes, you’ll see a “AKA” tag beside or under an username. This article will show you what a “AKA tag” means in Discord and how to create it.


Everybody knows that AKA or a.k.a is an abbreviation for “also known as”, often used to indicate that someone or something has an alternative name. In Discord, that AKA tag means the same thing.

It actually shows the nickname you’ve set to the user you’re looking at on one of your server. Sometimes, names can get crazy and contains many strange characters. Nickname/”AKA name” is one of the way to assign a memorable name to that user without remembering his in-application name.

If that sounds confusing, let’s look at how we can change the AKA tag in Discord to better understand how things work.

Requirements :

  • The user you’re trying to change his “AKA name” must join one of the server you own or at least moderate.

First you need to go to the server where you and your friend both joined. Look for his name in the right sidebar and select Change Nickname.


You can enter anything you want into the box. In this example, we’re changing the Rhythm bot nickname to “MusicBot”. Once you’re done, click Save.


You can see that the change takes place immediately in the right sidebar.


Now go back to Home and try to send the user a message, you can see that the AKA tag have been changed to the nickname we’ve set to him. In our case, the “AKA name” is displayed as “MusicBot”.


It’s simple as that. Now let me answer the questions our readers sent to us.


  1. Can I set my own “AKA name” so that it will be displayed in my friend's Discord?

    The short answer is no. You can only set “AKA names” for your friends.

  2. My server have a huge number of members. How can I quickly look for an user?

    Since you're the owner of the server, you can manage its members. Right click in the server icon and select Server Settings > Members. In the pop-up menu, you will be able to search using names or nicknames (“AKA names”).

  3. If I kick or ban the user, or he leaves my server, does the “AKA name” disappear?

    Yes, it will be gone with the user.

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