5 free and paid services for comparing documents

7 free and paid services for comparing documents

Comparing documents manually is very time consuming and prone to errors. You can find changes in different versions of a document in Word or Excel, but it is more convenient to do this through special services for comparing documents. Here are some free and paid tools.

Diff checker – Free document comparison service

The service only works with PDF files or copied text. To check the changes in the document, you need to paste both versions into a special field – the comparison results are displayed at the top.

In the free version, when comparing documents, the service clears the formatting by default.

Diff checker Free document comparison service

Draftable Online (Free)

Draftable Online

In the free online version of the service, you can compare files in PDF, Word and Power Point formats. To analyze the document, you need to load both versions into a special field – after that a separate window will open with the differences.

The service has a desktop version for Windows – it allows you to compare two files in different formats: for example, PDF with Word. The subscription to the app will cost $ 129 per year.

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Kaleidoscope (Paid)

Kaleidoscope is an application for comparing texts, images and file folders. The tool has a nice design, you can edit texts in it.


The app is only available for iOS and MacOS. The full version costs $ 69.9 ($ 19.9 for iPad).

DeltaWalker (Paid)

The app has the same functionality as Kaleidoscope, except that the text of uploaded documents can be edited right in the app.


DeltaWalker runs on macOS and Windows and costs $ 39.95.

Araxis merge (Paid)

The service keeps a detailed report of comparisons – but, according to the developers, does not store the files themselves. Most of the functions are placed on the toolbar, text and pictures can be edited immediately after comparison.



A standard subscription to the service costs $ 119, there are versions for MacOS and Windows.

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