Chrome strives to get rid its “Resource Hog” nickname, pushes new power-saving features

Last month, we reported on an experimental feature being turned on by the “power-hungry” Chrome browser, which is to reduce energy consumption by turning off unnecessary JavaScript timers and trackers when tabs are in the background. This will increase battery life by 28%, which is equivalent to 2 hours of battery life.

Google has not stopped exploring in this area. According to TheWindowsClub , Chrome recently launched an experimental feature called Battery-Savings (Meta Tag). This feature is designed to allow the site to recommend appropriate power saving measures to Chrome by following the user’s computer battery settings.

Chrome hopes to reduce the consumption of CPU and power in this way, especially for video or video conferencing websites with more traffic. In addition, this feature plans to slow down the running speed of certain JavaScript tasks that run too long, such as third-party advertising settings or incremental pre-rendering settings for unloaded content.

In terms of specific implementation, user agents (User Agents) can reduce the frame rate by reducing the animation frame rate (allow-reduced-framerate), or if the video is playing, the animation frame rate can be compared with the observed video The playback rate is matched. It achieves a reduction in script speed (allow-reduced-script-speed) by placing execution threads or processes on a small core instead of a large core.

The complete function will include the following aspects:

  • meta tags that allow sites to indicate the preferred mode
  • Media queries, allowing websites to adjust style sheets based on battery settings
  • The site should follow the power saving mode of the user or operating system
  • User Agents will follow the meta tags on the website unless it conflicts with user or operating system settings

This feature is expected to be launched with Chrome v86 or v87. By then, Chrome's consumption of CPU and power may be greatly improved.

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