Browser market share in July: Firefox's momentum drops again, IE may abdicate again

Market research agency NetMarketShare released the latest data on browser market share in July 2020.

After Chrome broke through 70% of the market share last month, the number of users has reached a new high this month, and its current market share has increased from 70.19% to 71.11%.

Like Chrome, the Edge browser, which has been increasing its market share month by month this year, still rose in data this month, but the rate is relatively small. The current market share is 8.09%, an increase of 0.02%.

Among the top four browsers with stable market share, Firefox and Internet Explorer are not so good in comparison.

The decline of the Firefox browser almost started with the launch of the new version of Edge. Firefox’s market share once exceeded 10% for a while, but it has gradually fallen to 7.36%. And it fell for months without even fluctuating up and down. Now people's topic center has gradually shifted from "Chrome and Firefox" to "Chrome and Edge".

Internet Explorer still ranks in the top for its compatibility and has been firmly in third place. Until the new version of Edge was released in January of this year, Internet Explorer took the fourth place, and its market share dropped from 7.50% a year ago to 4.23%.

Recently, the new version of the Edge browser began to add support for IE mode to the Canary channel. This is undoubtedly good news for users, but it may not be the fate of Internet Explorer. The Safari browser, ranked fifth this month, has a market share of 3.36%, and the gap between the two is less than 0.1%. Perhaps in the near future, Internet Explorer will be overtaken by Safari.

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