Github Emoji Cheatsheet

Github People Emojis

:bowtie: :bowtie: smile :smile: laughing :laughing:
blush :blush: smiley :smiley: relaxed :relaxed:
smirk :smirk: heart_eyes :heart_eyes: kissing_heart :kissing_heart:
kissing_closed_eyes :kissing_closed_eyes: flushed :flushed: relieved :relieved:
laughing :satisfied: grin :grin: wink :wink:
stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: grinning :grinning:
kissing :kissing: kissing_smiling_eyes :kissing_smiling_eyes: stuck_out_tongue :stuck_out_tongue:
sleeping :sleeping: worried :worried: frowning :frowning:
anguished :anguished: open_mouth :open_mouth: grimacing :grimacing:
confused :confused: hushed :hushed: expressionless :expressionless:
unamused :unamused: sweat_smile :sweat_smile: sweat :sweat:
disappointed_relieved :disappointed_relieved: weary :weary: pensive :pensive:
disappointed :disappointed: confounded :confounded: fearful :fearful:
cold_sweat :cold_sweat: persevere :persevere: cry :cry:
sob :sob: joy :joy: astonished :astonished:
scream :scream: :neckbeard: :neckbeard: tired_face :tired_face:
angry :angry: rage :rage: triumph :triumph:
sleepy :sleepy: yum :yum: mask :mask:
sunglasses :sunglasses: dizzy_face :dizzy_face: imp :imp:
smiling_imp :smiling_imp: neutral_face :neutral_face: no_mouth :no_mouth:
innocent :innocent: alien :alien: yellow_heart :yellow_heart:
blue_heart :blue_heart: purple_heart :purple_heart: heart :heart:
green_heart :green_heart: broken_heart :broken_heart: heartbeat :heartbeat:
heartpulse :heartpulse: two_hearts :two_hearts: revolving_hearts :revolving_hearts:
cupid :cupid: sparkling_heart :sparkling_heart: sparkles :sparkles:
star :star: star2 :star2: dizzy :dizzy:
boom :boom: boom :collision: anger :anger:
exclamation :exclamation: question :question: grey_exclamation :grey_exclamation:
grey_question :grey_question: zzz :zzz: dash :dash:
sweat_drops :sweat_drops: notes :notes: musical_note :musical_note:
fire :fire: hankey :hankey: hankey :poop:
hankey :shit: +1 :+1: +1 :thumbsup:
-1 :-1: -1 :thumbsdown: ok_hand :ok_hand:
fist_oncoming :punch: fist_oncoming :facepunch: fist_raised :fist:
v :v: wave :wave: hand :hand:
hand :raised_hand: open_hands :open_hands: point_up :point_up:
point_down :point_down: point_left :point_left: point_right :point_right:
raised_hands :raised_hands: pray :pray: point_up_2 :point_up_2:
clap :clap: muscle :muscle: metal :metal:
middle_finger :fu: walking :walking: runner :runner:
runner :running: couple :couple: family :family:
two_men_holding_hands :two_men_holding_hands: two_women_holding_hands :two_women_holding_hands: woman_dancing :dancer:
dancers :dancers: ok_woman :ok_woman: no_good :no_good:
tipping_hand_person :information_desk_person: raising_hand :raising_hand: bride_with_veil :bride_with_veil:
:person_with_pouting_face: :person_with_pouting_face: :person_frowning: :person_frowning: bow :bow:
couplekiss :couplekiss: couple_with_heart :couple_with_heart: massage :massage:
haircut :haircut: nail_care :nail_care: boy :boy:
girl :girl: woman :woman: man :man:
baby :baby: older_woman :older_woman: older_man :older_man:
:person_with_blond_hair: :person_with_blond_hair: man_with_gua_pi_mao :man_with_gua_pi_mao: man_with_turban :man_with_turban:
construction_worker :construction_worker: police_officer :cop: angel :angel:
princess :princess: smiley_cat :smiley_cat: smile_cat :smile_cat:
heart_eyes_cat :heart_eyes_cat: kissing_cat :kissing_cat: smirk_cat :smirk_cat:
scream_cat :scream_cat: crying_cat_face :crying_cat_face: joy_cat :joy_cat:
pouting_cat :pouting_cat: japanese_ogre :japanese_ogre: japanese_goblin :japanese_goblin:
see_no_evil :see_no_evil: hear_no_evil :hear_no_evil: speak_no_evil :speak_no_evil:
guardsman :guardsman: skull :skull: feet :feet:
lips :lips: kiss :kiss: droplet :droplet:
ear :ear: eyes :eyes: nose :nose:
tongue :tongue: love_letter :love_letter: bust_in_silhouette :bust_in_silhouette:
busts_in_silhouette :busts_in_silhouette: speech_balloon :speech_balloon: thought_balloon :thought_balloon:
:feelsgood: :feelsgood: :finnadie: :finnadie: :goberserk: :goberserk:
:godmode: :godmode: :hurtrealbad: :hurtrealbad: :rage1: :rage1:
:rage2: :rage2: :rage3: :rage3: :rage4: :rage4:
:suspect: :suspect: :trollface: :trollface:

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How to fix “Directory not empty” when using mv in Linux

mv (or move) is a Unix/Linux command that moves one or many files or directories from one place to another.

mv is usually used for two purposes:

  • It rename a file or folder.
  • It moves group of files to different directory.

mv syntax and usage should be straightforward. However, when you’re learning to use Linux for the first time or when you’ve come to Linux with a solid background in another operating system, you may run into some things that it doesn’t allow.

If you’ve ever received a Directory not empty when trying to move files or directories, then this guide can help you.

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Fix unindent does not match any outer indentation level

Python is an emerging language in the developer field. It’s great as first language because it’s concise, easy to read, fast enough for most tasks and has a large ecosystem which fits mostly everything from web development to scientific programming.

Back then when I was new to Python, one of the thing that frustrates me the most was IndentationError: unindent does not match any outer indentation level. Look at how it made people pull their hair out :

Fixing this error is easy, and should be easy, but to understand why it happens so that you can write clean, concise, maintainable code requires more reading.

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Fix Python locale.error

Python is a popular general purpose programming language that can be used to serve many different use cases. Created by Guido van Rossum with the name inspired from British comedy show Monty Python, it was set out to be straightforward and easy-to-use, emphasized in wp-block-code readability. Python 3 is the latest version of the language and is considered to be the future of Python.

The set up of Python 3 on your Linux machine should be straightforward without any error, but sometimes you will encounter locale.Error: unsupported locale setting – one of the most common problem of Python. This tutorial will show you how to fix it explicitly on Ubuntu 18.04, but the process remains the same for other distro.

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